How to watch TV22
WCBZ-TV22 is an over-the-air broadcast station. To watch you will need an antenna connected to your TV set. Where you live will determine the type of antenna you need. Our transmitter site is near the intersection of I-71 and I-270 on the north side of Columbus.

  1. If you live within a few miles of our transmitter site you may be able to use an inexpensive indoor antenna. If you live further away you will likely need an outdoor antenna mounted as high as possible. Outdoor antennas always work the best if you are able to have one. Good resources to help you choose an antenna are AntennaWeb and Channelmaster. If you enter your address it will show you a map of where all of the tower sites in your area are located.
  2. Rescan your television. If the signal is weak in your area you may need to rescan more than once. Please see the FCC link below for guidance.
  3. Enjoy watching free TV!
Below are some web links that may be helpful...
If you want to get more in-depth, here are a couple of links that are more technical in nature...

William Hepburn has a site that forecasts tropospheric ducting... you have to convert UTC to EST (-5) or EDT (-4) but it's a great resource, especially in the summertime when ducting is more active...

Ken Nist has a site that was created to explain the original HD conversion. Some of it is dated but it's still an excellent site with lots of technical information.

If none of the above links help you figure it out, call us, we are always willing to answer questions.
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